Enhanced Recovery UK Conference

5th October 2016 2308 Views
ERAS blog

We are busy on the organising committee getting ready for the 6th UK Enhanced Recovery Conference to be held in Cardiff on 4th November 2016. This is a truly multidisciplinary meeting with healthcare professionals from backgrounds as diverse as urology, physiotherapy, dietetics, intensive care, cardiac surgery etc meeting to share knowledge and experience on enhanced recovery pathways. The aim of this is to improve patient recovery after surgery or hospital treatment by minimising pain, promoting wellbeing, optimising nutrition, reducing length of stay, improving experience and ultimately outcomes. Our research team in Cardiff will be presenting work showing how we have reduced the length of stay for NHS patients after hip and knee surgery to just over 2 days from an average of 6 days by increasing the physiotherapy inpatient treatment, patient education, enhanced recovery surgical and anaesthetic techniques, without any increase in complications or readmissions. One of my medical students will be presenting his data on the risk of infection in diabetic patients where he has shown an increased risk with poor diabetic control. 

 Further information can be found at www.erasuk.net