I had a total hip replacement in mid February and was walking unaided within a few weeks of the operation; by 12 weeks I went on a cycling holiday and cycled every day without any pain or discomfort. I have regained so much flexibility that I am able to do simple yoga positions with ease, swim, walk and regularly I cycle distances including climbing hills. I now plan to return to some gentle rock climbing. I feel I have more than got my active life back; it has been transformative for me. I am 71 years of age.

Mrs S. J - Enhanced Recovery total hip replacement, 2016


'Last December you performed a total replacement of my left hip to follow the same procedure to right hip and left knee over the past year or two. We have just returned from a three week holiday in South America which included visiting some remote popular historic sights. My new hip stood up well to a daily battering and I had no pain at all making the adventure most successful and enjoyable. In fact my joints are feeling their best for some years. Despite the constant criticism of the NHS from some quarters, I can state quite categorically that my treatment on three separate occasions in recent years has been second to none improving my quality of life considerably. I would therefore like to thank you and your team for my treatment.'

Mr D.S. - Bilateral hip replacements, total knee replacement 2011-2015


'Just had my second knee replacement which was the best thing ever. I was up early and I had no pain and no sickness. I could bend my knee, lift it well and put it out straight the night of the operation. So after just under 48 hours I am going home. I haven't taken many painkillers and the physiotherapy team only needed to come once after the operation as I could climb the stairs already.'

Mrs R.W, Rapid Recovery Knee Replacement, July 2011


'Prior to the operation I was in a great deal of pain which affected my life in general. I was unable to bend my knee to sit at the table, walk without the aid of a stick because of a limp I developed and climbing/coming down stairs was a nightmare. Now I can bend my knee when sitting, walk without a stick or limp. Mr White and his team have been very patient and understanding and I will be quite happy to have my other knee sorted out by them. The postop care has been excellent and although I have had several questions they have all been answered patiently and without rushing. All in all the experiences have been first class and I am delighted with the result.'

Mrs. C. B, Partial Knee Replacement, May 2009


'The outstanding level of professional care I received from Mr White and his team was second to none. I was treated with the utmost care and consideration and nothing was too much trouble.'

Mrs D.E, Cementless Hip Replacement, May 2009